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Collaboration Applications

Zoho Collaboration Applications

Zoho Collaboration Applications

Zoho's Collaboration Applications are designed to allow teams to collaborate, so these are probably less relevant to individual users.

  • Zoho Chat (still in beta) - Internal instant messaging application that also allows you to log into select external instant messaging applications (Google, Yahoo, QQ, AIM, Jabber, Facebook, MSN, MySpace & ICQ)). Zoho Chat also allows you to embed a chat window in your website, to provide live support/chat to customers. There doesn't seem to be a paid version of Chat yet
  • Zoho Docs - Provides a front end to most of your Zoho content, allowing easy management of your spreadsheets, pictures etc. Note that the free version doesn't include SSL, versioning, bulk upload and other features included in the paid versions.
  • Zoho Discussions - Forum application for your typical online discussions. This is free without a paid version
  • Zoho Mail - Email app that also allows you to log into other email providers. The free version limits the number of users and storage, while the more you pay, the more you get.
  • Zoho Meeting - Provides online interaction including online meetings, remote support and web conferencing. There are Free & Professional subscriptions available, with the professional version providing additional features
  • Zoho Projects - Online project management tool similar to Microsoft Project. The free version provides one project with limited storage. Paid versions are available with more projects and storage.
  • Zoho Share - Provides 10 MB of free cloud storage for sharing (random) content. You can't buy more.
  • Zoho Wiki - Wiki limited to three users in the free version. The paid version provides more users and more storage.
  • Zoho Viewer - A bit of an odd duck, being listed in some parts of the Zoho web site but not others. Viewer allows you to upload a document (or multiple docs), convert to another format and/or share it.
    Supported formats: Microsoft Office: doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, pps; OpenDocument: odt, ods, odp; OpenOffice:sxw, sxc, sxi; Other Formats: wpd, pdf, rtf, txt, html, csv, tsv

Business Applications

Zoho Business Applications

Zoho Business Applications

Zoho's "Business" apps are certainly business focused, but could be used by individuals for running their own business. A general rule of thumb for this app group is that you get a limited free version, with a paid version also available with greater functionality. (Where that's not the case, I'll note it below.) I've been using the free version of a few of these applications for some time and I'm happy enough with what I've paid i.e. nothing. But if you went for paid versions for a few of these costs can start to add up, although it might 'cost-in' for you.

  • Zoho Assist - Remote support app
  • Zoho Books - Online accounting app that provides a wide range of features. You get a 30 day free trial, but need to pay after that.
  • Zoho BugTracker - You get a 30 day free trial, but need to pay after that.
  • Zoho Challenge - Online quiz/questionnaire tool.
  • Zoho Creator - Online GUI-based application creator. It uses its own scripting engine, but it's relatively easy to figure out the code.
  • Zoho CRM - Not sure if this will challenge SalesForce. But it seems to provide a wide range of tools that could be of use to SMBs.
  • Zoho Invoice - Handy tool for creating and managing invoices. Far fewer features than Zoho Books but still useful for a SMB.
  • Zoho Marketplace - Lets developers market the applications they have created.
  • Zoho People - Acts a Human Resources Management system for the management people and contracts etc within a company
  • Zoho Recruit - Provides resume, candidate management and a lot more.
  • Zoho Reports - Basically a big online database supporting SQL, that you can integrate with existing web pages and build reports from.
  • Zoho Site24x7 - Wide range of website and server monitoring tools, including End User Experience testing. I've not used it myself, but it does look quite powerful
  • Zoho Support - Customer support ticketing system that allows the management of customer faults etc and provides self service portals for customers.

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