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Testing the Connection

We're finally ready to test the connection. You can bring up the VPN tunnel either by clicking the Connect button on the SX41's VPN page, or trying to make a connection to a computer on the SX41's LAN side from the WAN-side client. Easiest way to do that is with a ping.

First ping from IPsec to LAN-side client

Figure 23: First ping from IPsec to LAN-side client

The Negotiating IP Security message in Figure 23 indicates that the IPsec policy is up and running and trying to establish a tunnel. But since it takes time to set things up, the ping completes before the tunnel is established, so we need to try a second ping.

Second ping from IPsec to LAN-side client

Figure 24: Second ping from IPsec to LAN-side client

The successful replies in Figure 24 show that the tunnel is up and running. Alternatively, we could use the "-n" option in the ping command to run a longer ping and see the setup in one try. Figure 25 shows what that looks like.

Long ping from IPsec to LAN-side client

Figure 25: Long ping from IPsec to LAN-side client

At any rate, once you get a successful ping you should be up and running - at least when working from the WAN-side IPsec client. As I said earlier, I could not share files on the WAN-side IPsec client from the LAN-side computer, even though I could ping it and even access a test FTP server that I set up on it.

But File and Printer sharing worked fine when going from WAN to LAN, as long as I opened the connection by opening the Windows Run box and entering the desired folder in UNC format as shown in Figure 26.

Accessing the LAN computer

Figure 26: Accessing the LAN computer

Once you have confidence in the tunnel setup process, you can skip the ping and just go right to opening the desired share. Just be patient and allow time for the tunnel to be opened!

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