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Routing Performance

NOTE!Testing Notes:
WAN to LAN tests are all run with LAN endpoint in DMZ
LAN to WAN tests are run with LAN endpoint not in DMZ, except UDP Stream

Like SMC's 7004VBR, the SX has a SPI-based firewall that has the ability to disable the SPI features and fall back to plain-old NAT as its firewall mechanism. This makes testing a little more complicated, but gives us more insight into the drag that SPI places on the router's performance.

If you compare the results in the chart above to other recent SPI-based routers, you see the SX beats them by a wide margin, especially on the WAN-LAN tests, which typically run under 2Mbps on other products. But the SX's almost 17Mbps throughput beats the other guys for best-case SPI-disabled performance, too!

If you really want to be impressed, though, check out the chart below. This table, which I also did for the SMC7004VBR review shows Throughput and Response time results for various combinations of DMZ and SPI. Remember that WAN-LAN tests can be run only with DMZ on, so that's why there are no DMZ off results for that direction.

Case Number

Test Description

Intrusion Detection Settings DMZ

Transfer Rate (Mbps)

Response Time (msec)
[100,000 Byte data size]



SPI enabled (defaults) on


48 (avg)



SPI disabled on


1 (avg)



SPI enabled (defaults) off


48 (avg)

LAN-WAN SPI enabled (defaults) on 12.2 65 (avg)


SPI disabled on


1 (avg)

LAN-WAN SPI disabled off 32.3 1 (avg)

I couldn't believe the 33Mbps throughput results either, so I double-checked the Qcheck results by doing a Chariot run, which showed that the throughput actually varied from 26 to 38Mbps!!! Un-bee-leeve-able!

Conclusion? Let's just say that you can run the SX with whatever settings you want and not even think twice about the throughput effects of your choice.

Routing Performance Test Results

Test Description Transfer Rate (Mbps) Response Time (msec) UDP stream
Throughput (kbps) Lost data (%)
WAN - LAN 16.8 48 (avg)
74 (max)
499 0
LAN - WAN 16.6 48 (avg)
56 (max)
493 0
Firmware Version 1.43 May 22 2002

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