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The 114P's VPN support is pass-through only, but can handle multiple sessions to different remote VPN gateways for PPTP, IPsec, and L2TP protocols. Mapping of LAN based VPN servers for all three VPN protocols is handled, too, as long as you establish the proper Inbound services and rules.

Logging and Other Features

The Logging feature can selectively record the following events:

  • Router operation (start up, get time etc)
  • Connections to the Web-based interface of the router
  • Known DoS attacks and Port Scans
  • Attempted access to blocked sites

You can view, clear, refresh, and immediately send the log to one designated email address, or schedule the emailing of the log on an hourly, daily, weekly, or "when full" basis. Immediate email alerts can also be sent which are triggered by three different types of events.

Unfortunately, you don't get general traffic logging, so can't keep track of the sites that your users are visiting. Syslog or SNMP trap support would also be useful for log analysis and archiving, but for now, the emailed reports will have to do.

Update 4/30/2005 - Current firmware supports website and newsgroup traffic logging

Print Server & Other Features

The built-in parallel-port print server worked without a hitch when I tested it from a WinXP home machine using XP's LPR service. The instructions in the Reference Manual were clear and I printed on the first try. NETGEAR also includes a print port driver, that I didn't try, for Win95/98 users, or those folks who'd rather not use LPR with Win NT, 2000, or XP. The Reference Manual contains LPR setup info for MacOS 8, 9, and X, too.

NETGEAR's spec says that bi-directional printers are supported, but I'd take that with a grain of salt, at least until some confirmation of this comes in from users.

The down side of the print server is that the only admin interface is two LEDs on the printer's front panel, which indicate printer ready/activity, and whether the printer has thrown an error. It would be nice if you could have an email alert sent to you if the printer had a problem, and an admin screen that showed status, queue, and error messages, and let you kill and arrange jobs in the queue. Hope it's on the list for a future firmware rev!

The router has a few other features that I haven't mentioned, such as:

  • you can set the router's MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) value (useful in getting some PPPoE-based connections to work)
  • you can set and view 8 static routes (useful in networks that have more than one subnet)
  • dynamic routing protocols RIP1, and RIP 2B, and RIP 2M are supported
  • you can enable the router to respond to WAN ping requests (this is disabled by default, which is good security practice)
  • dynamic DNS support is built-in for using

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