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Since the feature set is the same across all ReadyNASes that support OS6, see the RN104 review and Craig's in-depth look at OS6. I was surprised to still see no iSCSI initiator support and asked NETGEAR why. They said that storage expansion via iSCSI was too slow and that storage expansion can be done using eSATA and its 5 bay Expansion Chassis.

NETGEAR also said that idle drive spindown support is still planned for OS 6.2 and confirmed that they do not yet support SSD cacheing.

App count has also increased since Craig's OS 6 review in June 2013. There are now 77 apps shown on the Apps > Available Apps tab in the admin GUI. Finding an app involved scrolling through a long single page. The list can't be sorted or filtered and apps aren't grouped by type or tagged.

Performance - 1 Gbps LAN

Firmware tested was OS 6.1.7. After I was halfway through testing, 6.1.8 was released. But NETGEAR told me there were no performance differences, so I didn't update and retest.

I ran our Revision 5 NAS test process on four-drive RAID 0, 5 and 10 volumes using WD Re 3 TB (WD3000FYYZ) drives with 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps LAN connections. The 10 Gbps connection was directly between the NAS Testbed and RN716 (I have no need to invest in a 10GbE switch at this point). I ran tests with Continuous Protection disabled and no volume encryption.

The Benchmark Summary below for the benchmarks with 1 Gbps connection shows pretty consistent 100 MB/s-ish Windows File Copy write and read performance for RAID 0, 5 and 10 modes. Not so good are the single-digit NASPT Directory Copy to NAS (i.e. write) results for all three volume types. NETGEAR explained this is because they have configured btrfs to check upper case/lower case in file names (useful for NFS). They confirmed that this has a significant performance penalty and that they are considering making this a user-selectable option with the default being off in the future.

NETGEAR RN716 Benchmark Summary - 1 Gbps LAN

NETGEAR RN716 Benchmark Summary - 1 Gbps LAN

iSCSI target write and read performance to target created on a RAID 5 volume is better for write (95 vs. 91 MB/s) and the same for read (95 MB/s) compared to the only other quad-core general purpose processor based NAS we've tested, Thecus' N10850.

Your best option for attached backup looks like USB 3.0 with an NTFS formatted drive, which completed the test with an impressive 124 MB/s!

Performance - 10 Gbps LAN

The Benchmark Summary below for the benchmarks with 10 Gbps connection shows very impressive results with the large file copy tests coming in at mid-to-high 500 MB/s values and reads as high as as 845 MB/s! But you get brought right back down to earth when looking at the NASPT Directory Copy, Content Creation and Office Productivity that involve a lot of random drive head movement to handle many directories of smaller files.

NETGEAR RN716 Benchmark Summary - 10 Gbps LAN

NETGEAR RN716 Benchmark Summary - 10 Gbps LAN

iSCSI target write and read results show you'll also get a throughput boost from 10GbE with 346 MB/s write and 438 MB/s read on a RAID 5 volume.

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