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Performance - 10 Gbps LAN - SSD

I promised NETGEAR I would run some benchmarks using the six SanDisk SSD's. I configured them all into a RAID 10 array (for a whopping total of 332 GB of storage) and ran the benchmark suite.

Table 2 collates and compares the results, which do not show a consistent performance improvement with SSDs. Best gain was 173% for Windows File Copy Write, while the the worst was a 30% loss in the NASPT Directory Copy test.

Benchmark 4 x WD Re WD3000FYYZ 6 x SanDisk SD6SB2M128G1022I % Difference
Windows File Copy Write 327.7 565.8 173
Windows File Copy Read 742.3 596.1 80
NASPT FileCopy To NAS 475.6 652.6 137
NASPT FileCopy From NAS 703.9 844.2 120
NASPT Directory Copy To NAS 11.9 8.3 70
NASPT Directory Copy From NAS 22.2 21.4 97
Content Creation 37.5 38.9 104
Office Productivity 83.4 69.3 83
HD Playback & Record 700.0 600.6 86
4x HD Playback 924.3 892.5 97
Table 2: SSD vs. Hard Drive Performance - RAID 10

Performance Comparison

We've tested only one other Xeon-class NAS, Thecus' 10-bay Top-Tower N10850. The N10850 will set you back around $2,000 vs. the $2,700 or so for the six-bay ReadyNAS 716. But the Thecus has 10GbE as an option, not standard.

Our NAS Ranker, which doesn't take 10 GbE results into account, currently has the Thecus in the #1 spot. The ReadyNAS 716 is ranked #12 and tied with the recently-reviewed Thecus N7710-G.

I've pulled the Ranker Performance Summaries for all three products into the composite below. As you might expect, the Directory Copy reads and writes are the 716's weakest point. On the other hand, its best sub-ranks are for video, backup and iSCSI.

NAS Ranker Performance summary comparison

NAS Ranker Performance summary comparison

If we just compare 10GbE performance, then we are limited to the Thecus N7710-G. Running down the benchmarks, its clear that the NETGEAR, with its more powerful processor is the overall winner. But RAID 5 performance seems much more equal, except for the Thecus' 385 MB/s NASPT File copy to NAS vs. the NETGEAR's 272 MB/s.

NAS Ranker Performance summary comparison

Benchmark Summary comparison - NETGEAR ReadyNAS 716 & Thecus N7710-G

Closing Thoughts

I am glad to see 10GbE ports come standard on a few NASes. But more widespread adoption should probably wait until prices come down some more so that more people are able to afford to use them.

You'll get the most benefit from 10GbE if you're moving multi-Gigabyte sized files to and from a NAS or trying to move lots of video streams. If your data consists of lots and lots of folders of small files, our benchmarks show you won't get as much benefit.

If you decide that 10GbE is worth it, don't want to hassle with installing your own card and are willing to pay around $2,700 (without drives) for the convenience, the ReadyNAS 716 could be your NAS.

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