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Wi-Fi Router Charts

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Mesh System Charts

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Ranker Changes

Aside from a design makeover, the Ranker is largely unchanged. The Ranker already showed results filtered by Test Method and that carries forward to the new version. Results can still be sorted by ascending / descending price and sub-ranks can be viewed using the Rank selector. Rankers are available for all product categories we cover.

The Ranker is largely unchanged

The Ranker is largely unchanged

One important change should be noted in the averaging method used in both the Ranker and Chart views. The graphic below helps illustrate the change. The old charts averaged only non-zero points, which could increase the average value for benchmarks that had fewer data points. This was especially true for products that disconnected early at higher throughput levels vs. those that hung on until throughput dropped into single digits.

The New Average method is fairer

The New Average method is fairer

The new method averages over the entire benchmark range, which is 0 - 63 dB for 2.4 GHz benchmarks and 0 - 45 dB for 5 GHz. So if you're wondering why ranking changed for some product between the old and new charts, this is one of the reasons.

You'll also note that only "profile" benchmarks are now available in the new Charts. The "profile" benchmarks use the entire multi-point data set instead of three or four selected points used in the old "Consolidated" method benchmarks. Old products tested with benchmarks that used four or six point "open air" methods have been removed from the charts (most are no longer available), so we were able to remove those benchmarks and the confusion that went along with them.


The Finders remain mostly unchanged and are still the best way to find products by attributes (processor, RAM size, etc.)

The New Average method is fairer

NAS Finder

What Happened To Router Chooser?

If you're looking for the Router Chooser, you won't find it; the Search feature replaces it.

Closing Thoughts

If you really need to access the old charts to see the complete set of benchmarks, just follow the Old Tools link that you'll find up in the nav bar Tools menu.

As with any major rework, there are sure to be bugs, errors and omissions. So please help us track them down by letting us know if you find anything strange, or just can't find what you're looking for.

We hope you like the new charts!

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