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Actiontec MyWirelessTV Multi-Room Wireless HD Video Kit

At a Glance
Product Actiontec MyWirelessTV Multi-Room Wireless HD Video Kit [MWTV200KIT-01]
Summary 5 GHz Wi-Fi HDMI bridge wirelessly extends your HDTV signal up to 150 feet.
Pros • Simple setup
• Supports up to 1080p
• Supports HDMI passthrough
Cons • Some latency using IR blaster
• On screen menu button didn’t always bring up the configuration screen.

Is your cable or satellite box in your living room, but you’d like to view HDTV in your home office or bedroom? Or maybe your media equipment rack is on one side of your living room, and you want to hang your flat screen TV on the other side of the room without the expense of stringing an unsightly, lengthy HDMI cable. With a list price of $229.99, Actiontec’s MyWirelessTV can solve either or both of these problems.

Product Tour

MyWirelessTV is a fairly simple product. It consists of an 802.11n Wi-Fi 5GHz transmitter and a separate 5GHz receiver shown above. The transmitter, shown in Figure 1, has rear panel connections for HDMI input, HDMI output, power connector and jack for an IR Blaster. This is the device that you place near your HDTV source.

Just connect a cable from your HDMI media source (cable box, Blu-ray player, satellite receiver, etc.) to the HDMI input port. If you are using MyWirelessTV as a wireless HDMI cable replacement, (from your equipment rack to your TV), you don’t need to connect the transmitter HDMI out. If your HDTV source is near your HDTV, you’ll probably want to use the HDMI passthrough cable.

Actiontec MyWirelessTV transmitter rear panel

Figure 1: Actiontec MyWirelessTV transmitter rear panel

The rear of the MyWirelessTV receiver, Figure 2, only has a single HDMI output jack. This is the device that you’d place in another room, such as an office or bedroom, to connect to a remote HDTV. Alternatively, you could place the receiver behind your HDTV across the living room from your equipment rack to eliminate the HDMI cable. I especially like that the IR jack is color coded to match the color of the jack on the corresponding IR blaster cable.

Actiontec MyWirelessTV receiver rear panel

Figure 2: Actiontec MyWirelessTV receiver rear panel

The front panel of the transmitter and receiver, shown in Figure 3 and 4 respectively, are quite similar. There are two differences. The transmitter has the reset button on the front whereas the reset button on the receiver is on the rear. And the transmitter has a front panel mini-USB port while the receiver has a full-sized USB port. The latter is an odd choice, but Actiontec thoughfully includes a mini-USB-USB adapter.

Actiontec MyWirelessTV transmitter front

Figure 3: Actiontec MyWirelessTV transmitter front

The USB ports are used to update the firmware of the devices. In addition, they can be used as a “USB Backchannel”. If you are using MyWirelessTV to extend your HDMI-capable PC to use a remote monitor, you can also connect a USB cable to your transmitter. Then you can plug a keyboard/mouse into the USB port on the receiver. Both front panels have LED indicators for power, wireless connectivity and sync as well as a sync button.

Actiontec MyWirelessTV receiver front

Figure 4: Actiontec MyWirelessTV receiver front


I’ve reviewed enough products that I’m fairly skeptical about claims of an easy setup process. So it was with the same skepticism that I opened up the box containing My Wireless TV. The product contains almost everything you need including two HDMI cables, IR extender and IR blaster cables to extend the range of your remote if you install the receiver in a remote room.

The only cable not included is a USB cable, should you use the USB backchannel feature described above. A two page illustrated quick start guide is more than adequate if everything works the way it’s supposed to.

Figure 5, taken from the quick start guide, shows the complete configuration for both the transmitter and the receiver. If you need more information, you can download the full user guide from Actiontec.

Quick Start Guide configuration graphic for MWTV

Figure 5: Quick Start Guide configuration graphic for MWTV

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