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Hands On

As noted above, there's a "mydlink Home" app both Android and iOS platforms. Like the iOS version of Smart Plug, the iOS version of Home is also an iPhone app, but runs on an iPad. In addition to being able to set up and control D-Link's Connected Home devices, the Home app also lets you link devices together.

I linked the Motion Sensor to my Smart Plug device. You can set up rules for what the Motion Sensor should do when motion is detected. For the Smart Plug, your options are Turn On or Turn Off the Smart Plug or you can create a rule to notify you when motion is detected. You can run multiple rules or enable/disable the rules. Notification is done via in-app notification. There isn't an option for either email or text notification.

If you should happen to have quite a few Connected Home devices, the mydlink Home app will also let you create groups of devices. You can name each group, choose from a very limited set of icons, or use one of your own photos to help identify the group. I created a group and named it "Home" and added both of my devices. While the group feature worked fine on my iPad, neither the newly created group nor the "My Places" screen appeared on either of my Android devices.

In testing the Motion Sensor, I tried it in several locations around my home and it triggered as expected. I had the trigger set to turn on the Smart Plug that had a light and fan attached. When motion was detected and the Smart Plug was already turned off, motion turned on the light as expected. I also got in app notifications of the trigger on both Android devices as well as the iPad.

It appears that D-Link will only send a notification at what appears to be about a 5 minute interval to prevent a stream of notifications should the motion sensor be triggered at close intervals. Individual trigger events are logged and you can view them through the Home app as shown in the first slideshow gallery. Below, I've created a second gallery to show linking the motion sensor to a device, configuring to send notifications and grouping of devices.

Closing Thoughts

When I first started testing the DCH-S150 Motion Sensor, I downloaded the new mydlink HOME app onto both of my Android devices as well as my iPad. The roll out of the new app wasn't what I would call a smooth release. Initially, the mydlink platform seemed slow and non responsive - even on the DSP-W215 Smart Plug that I had just reviewed a few weeks ago. And, the Home app was very buggy.

D-Link quickly addressed the server side problems and both the Smart Plug and the Motion sensor worked as expected. But there are still some user interface issues that needed to be addressed. Many of those issues that I discussed with D-Link were resolved with the 7/10/14 update of the Home app on both Android and iOS platforms. Still, there are some bugs that are yet to be fixed. For example, on the Android version of the Home app, you can't change the temperature display for the Smart Plug from "C" to "F". Nor does "My Places" appear on the Android version, so you don't have access to the groups you may have set up on an iOS device.

Even almost five years after introduction, "mydlink" can still be best described as a work in progress. While a lot of improvements have been made both on the back end and in the apps in the last two weeks, D-Link still needs to address the remaining bugs in the software and work on integrating the balance of their mydlink-enabled products to work on both mobile platforms. Webcams and routers don't appear on the iOS version. While they do appear on the Android app, they are grayed out. According to D-Link, the ultimate goal for is for all mydlink-enabled devices to be accessible on both mobile platforms. The question is how long it will take D-Link to reach this goal.

In looking at just the Motion Sensor and the Smart Plug, both worked well on both mobile platforms and with each other. Given their current state of development, I wouldn't have a problem recommending them both. I hope that the remaining bugs will be addressed quickly. But D-Link's Connected Home will be much more compelling when all of their products work with the mydlink Home app.

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