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Hands On

I had previously installed the latest WeMo app on multiple devices when I reviewed the Belkin Smart LEDs and had instructed the software to remember my Wi-Fi network credentials. After connecting to the Wemo.XXX setup network, there was just a brief pause while it disconnected from the setup network and connected to my network. Both the Switch and Motion Sensor required firmware upgrades, but both easily installed from within the WeMo app. Both devices appeared, in alphabetical order, on the landing page.

Belkin WeMo application landing page (Devices)

Belkin WeMo application landing page (Devices)

I named the WeMo Switch "Italian Lamp" to identify the switch with a familiar name. The switch is a fairly dumb device - you can either turn it on or off by tapping the power icon on the right. The Motion Sensor defaults to "WeMo Motion", but I also renamed it with a familiar name indicating the location ("Living Room motion sensor") as you'll see in other slides. The motion sensor has a dynamic message line. It will indicate either "no motion" or, as shown above, "Oooh, I sense motion!" as shown above. The motion detection LED on the device only stays on for a couple of seconds and the message in the application returns to displaying "No motion" a few seconds after motion is no longer detected.

The Motion Sensor has a specified range of 10 feet. I actually determined that the range was about 10 feet before I even read the specifications. Depending on the size of the room, the range isn't adequate to cover the entire room as you might want to do if this were part of a security system. But it's more than adequate for turning on a light when you enter the room if you're careful where you place the sensor. I did note that it wasn't sensitive enough to reliably detect my front door opening which is about 17 feet away.

If you are looking for a full room motion sensor, Belkin introduced the WeMo Room Motion Sensor at CES in January. It is expected to be available in the second half of the year. It will work with the WeMo link hub included with the Smart LED starter kit.

If you are already familiar with WeMo, when you switch to the rules page after installing the motion sensor, you'll see that options, previously grayed out, are now available. The image below shows the Rules tab before installing the motion sensor (l) and after (r). The new options are to "control a device with motion", or "get notified with motion". We'll go into each of those options in a little more detail.

Belkin WeMo Rules menu

Belkin WeMo Rules menu


Creating a rule that triggers on motion is pretty simple. Tap the "With Motion" icon (shown enabled on the right screen above). By default, the Motion Sensor is checked. You have the option of controlling any or all of your devices. Your options are "Off", or "On then...". Off turns the device(s) off immediately. The "On Then..." options are conditional on no additional motion.

You have delay options of immediately, 1,5,10,15,30 minutes, 1 hour or don't turn off. I wish that there had been an additional option to set a custom length of time to leave the switch on if no motion was detected. Also, the ability to flash a light a few times when motion is detected could be used to draw someone's attention to the motion.

As with any other scheduling activity, you can set start and stop times as well as days of the week for the motion-based rule. You can use time of day or sunrise/sunset. As part of the original set up, you tell WeMo where you are, and it takes care of figuring out when sunrise/sunset occurs. The composite screenshot below shows the "on, then off if no motion" setup (l) as well as the sensor scheduling screen which shows a sunrise to sunset schedule, 7 days/week (r).

Belkin WeMo New Motion Rule and schedule
Belkin WeMo New Motion Rule and schedule

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