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Komfy isn't integrated into D-Link's mydlink ecosystem, so isn't supported by the mydlink Home app. It comes with a wealth of features, but most felt pretty basic. Like Canary, Komfy has sensors for temperature, humidity and CO2, but the alerts for the sensors are not customizable. Komfy warns you if the temp gets above 83F or below 71F, if humidity gets over 65%, or below 30%, and if CO2 gets above 1500ppm.

In my home in Colorado that means I'm getting warned a lot, because overnight humidity will easily drop below 30% and I usually keep my house around 66°. Komfy would have much more value with the ability to customize these alerts. It would also open the door to more opportunities if it were to integrate with Nest or other thermostats as a remote set of inputs.

Komfy's main viewing screen is very nice, you can see it in the image below. The screen supports live viewing along with the ability to turn sound on or off, control the light switch(es), take snapshots, record video and look at the Gallery. It also shows the temperature, humidity and CO2 (Air Quality) sensors. There is a lot going on in this screen, but it's laid out nicely and about the best looking screen I've seen with this much information.

Komfy main screen

Komfy main screen

Komfy also alerts on motion and audio. I found the motion settings to be very basic and not as customizable as I would have liked. For instance, my ceiling fan constantly sets off Komfy motion alerts. But since there are no settings for motion zones, or even sensitivity, I'm stuck with Komfy's defaults. And changing camera position isn't an option.

The camera is spec'd at 1080p, but I noticed all videos downloaded in 1280x720 (720p). According to D-Link, Komfy automatically adjusts resolution based on bandwidth, so you don't really have control over resolution. At testing time, I measured my bandwidth at 60 Mbps down / 8 Mbps up, which should be plenty for 1080p. So I question the 1080p spec.

Komfy has schedules, but only for shutting lights connected to it on and off. I was hoping there would be schedules to set Komfy to Away or Home mode to control motion detection, but this isn't supported. You have to manually One-Click Komfy's mode, choosing from the options shown below. Each mode controls motion detection and switch options.

Komfy One-Click modes for motion and audio detection

Komfy One-Click modes for motion and audio detection

Komfy has cloud recording, which supports first-in, first-out motion-triggered recording for 8 days. The Komfy app simply said "Beta Trial" and "Expires until the official launch of the premium service", which D-Link hasn't fleshed out for timing or features yet. At least you have the option of recording to Komfy's SD card. The image below shows the cloud plan, as well as the different recording options.

Komfy cloud Beta Trial and recording options

Komfy cloud Beta Trial and recording options

A neat Komfy feature is"Memoir". It's a time-compressed video of all the motion clips taken during a day, similar to Logi Circle's Day Brief. It was nice to be able to see all of the motion detection footage caught during the day in one big clip. It also made me realize just how much footage Komfy actually missed during the day as well. Entire periods where my kids were playing in front of the camera never got picked up. Unlike normal motion detection footage, I didn't see where I could download the Memoir videos; they appear to be viewable only via the app.

Probably one of the best features of Komfy is its integration with the Komfy IFTTT channel. You can see some of the many recipes for Komfy below. I had to laugh that you could turn a light on "You've got mail" style when you receive a Gmail. However there are other very useful items, like posting a snapshot of motion to Facebook, or turning lights on/off at sunrise/sunset. Komfy can also email you if CO2 level gets too high.

Komfy IFTT channel recipes

Komfy IFTT channel recipes

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