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Central Termination - Coax

For our DirecTV satellite installation we chose to use Bill Coughlan from B&M Installations. Bill had the kind of experience that we wanted in both satellite and home theater work. He has done many sophisticated installations, but he rarely gets the chance to deal with a solution that was as elegant as ours. Bill's part was to mount and aim the DirecTV triple LNB dish and install our terrestrial antenna.

Once the dish was ready and the terrestrial antenna mounted, Bill was able to bring the four RG-6 lines from the DirecTV dish and one RG-6 line from the terrestrial antenna through the crawl space under the family room. He was able to take advantage (by design) of the already mounted cable hangers in the ceiling of the basement and run his RG-6 cables straight to the Command Center Enclosure.

Bill from B&M installs the 18x24 triple LBN DirecTV satellite dish

Bill from B&M installs the 18x24 triple LBN DirecTV satellite dish

Once the RG-6 from the dish and the antenna were in the command center, it was as easy as placing connectors on the cables and testing the signal strength using our Philips DSHD800R (Hughes DirecTV HD Receiver Clone) HD receiver. The signal strength was right on the money for the DirecTV signal as well as the over-the-air broadcast HD signals.

One interesting feature in our design was the use of a patch panel system for the incoming coax connections. With this design we added the flexibility to change programming providers quickly and easily. Each of the incoming connections uses a short RG-6 cable to connect to each of the coax connection points within the house. This makes switching providers as easy as running the coax cable in from the new provider (whether it is a cable TV provider or another satellite provider), and connecting it to the correct coax jack within the house.

Also, we have the ability to move our four DirecTV receivers between rooms by simply patching the connection to the correct jack in the right room. Another interesting feature is that we can run the RF output from a receiver back into the jack and send the picture from that receiver to a TV or monitor in another room. We felt this would be a handy feature for sending a TV or satellite signal to a PC in another room. Although you could only watch the channel that is tuned on that receiver, it would be possible to use an RF remote transmitter system to change the channel from another room, if we really needed this capability. All of this can be accomplished just by changing the patch cables in the Command Center Enclosure.

Command Center with two phone lines and satellite coax installed

Command Center with two phone lines and satellite coax installed

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