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Installing SlimNAS

Once the disk share is available you can download & install Michael Herger's SlimNAS software. You'll need several items:

In the root of the CIFS share create a folder called "slimnas" and copy all three files into that folder.

SlimNAS Installables
Figure 20: SlimNAS Installables

Log into the FreeNAS web management GUI. From the FreeNAS menu select the System > Advanced option, which provides a means of entering a shell command. Enter the following shell command:

/bin/sh /mnt/YourShareHere/slimnas/

Then click on Execute (Figure 21).

About to run the SlimNAS installer
Figure 21: About to run the SlimNAS installer

When the shell command has completed, the FreeNAS menu should return a status display as shown in Figure 22.

Report after the install script runs sucessfully
Figure 22: Report after the install script runs sucessfully

You have just successfully installed the SqueezeCenter software to the disk, but it's not yet tied into FreeNAS or set to run as a service on boot.

You'll note that a new Extensions menu option has been added to the FreeNAS menus, and SqueezeCenter is listed as the only extension (Figure 23).

SqueezeCenter listed in the Extensions menu
Figure 23: SqueezeCenter listed in the Extensions menu

Select SqueezeCenter and you should see the screen shown in Figure 24.

SlimNAS ready to be installed to FreeNAS
Figure 24: SlimNAS ready to be installed to FreeNAS

Check the tick box to Enable the SlimNAS software. Then in the Install section, select the SqueezeCenter release and click Save to perform the installation.

The install process can take a a couple of minutes, during which time the system may appear to be stopped. This is normal. While the installer runs, you can navigate to the Process menu (Figure 25) and see if the installation is proceeding. If it is running successfully, you'll see a reference to Perl on the list of running processes.

FreeNAS process menu showing Perl running
Figure 25: FreeNAS process menu showing Perl running

Once the installation has completed successfully, the extensions menu will include a link to the SqueezeCentre web GUI (Figure 26). That address is always the name or IP address of the FreeNAS device, but with port 9000 specified in the URL. In my case

SqueezeCenter installed and running on FreeNAS
Figure 26: SqueezeCenter installed and running on FreeNAS

It's worth noting that when the T5700 is rebooted it will take some time for the SqueezeCenter and associated services to restart. First the OS boots, then the file sharing mechanisms and finally the streaming server. It's not uncommon for it to take 2-3 minutes before the music can resume playing after a reboot.

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