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The 2300N's performance isn't much to write home about, ranking at the bottom or next to bottom of all tested dual-drive BYOD NASes in tests with a gigabit LAN connection. RAID 0 write speed for file sizes 32 MB to 1 GB averaged 10.3 MB/s for write and 11.3 MB/s for read. RAID 1 turned in the same average speeds with slightly different individual test results.


  • The maximum raw data rate for 100Mbps Ethernet is 12500 KBytes/sec (12.5 MBytes/sec) and 125000 KBytes/sec (125 MBytes/sec) for gigabit
  • Firmware version tested was 01.03.0000.07
  • The full testing setup and methodology are described on this page

I ran some plots comparing the 2300N with the similarly-priced Trendnet TS-S402 and D-Link DNS-321 and also threw in the top-of-the-chart Synology DS207+ for contrast. I should point out that the D-Link and Trendnet data were taken in JBOD mode, while the NS2300N and Synology data are RAID 0. This is because neither the Promise nor the Synology products support JBOD.

1000 Mbps Write comparative performance - JBOD / RAID 0

Figure 11: 1000 Mbps Write comparative performance - JBOD / RAID 0

Write rankings (Figure 11) are as expected with the Promise on the bottom and Synology on the top. The interesting point here is how close the DNS-321 is to the DS207+, while costing less than half as much!

Read (Figure 12) is more interesting with only the DS207+ producing significantly better throughput.

1000 Mbps Read comparative performance - JBOD / RAID 0

Figure 12: 1000 Mbps Read comparative performance - JBOD / RAID 0

RAID 1 write performance (Figure 13) is similar, but has the DS207+ falling off more at higher file sizes and the Promise and Trendnet products virtually on top of each other.

1000 Mbps Write comparative performance - RAID 1

Figure 13: 1000 Mbps Write comparative performance - RAID 1

RAID 1 read (Figure 14) is again similar to RAID 0, but the Synology's throughput again drops off more at higher file sizes.

1000 Mbps Read comparative performance - RAID 1

Figure 14: 1000 Mbps Read comparative performance - RAID 1

Closing Thoughts

Where the NS4300N is aggressively priced for a four-drive BYOD NAS, the NS2300N is not so much. At a low price of $180 as I write this, the 2300N is about $50 more than D-Link's DNS-321—the current low-cost leader in dual-drive BYOD NASes.

I again have to give Promise good marks for its efforts to become a more important player in the consumer NAS market. But the NS2300N has neither the features, firmware maturity, nor price to make it a preferred pick. My recommendation for those looking for a low-cost, full-featured dual-drive BYOD NAS still remains D-Link's DNS-321 (or 323 if you want the USB port).

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