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The ReadyNAS Duo v2 has a long list of included and add-on features.  I've summarized the features listed on NETGEAR's specification page below.

  • RAID levels 0, 1, and JBOD
  • NETGEAR Auto-Expandable X-RAID2
  • Hot swap support
  • Journaled file system
  • Network File Services
  • CIFS/SMB for Microsoft Windows
  • AFP 3.2 for Macintosh OS 9 and OS X
  • NFS for linux and unix
  • FTP for standards based file transfer
  • rSync for data replication
  • HTTP/HTTPS for browser based file access
  • DLNA Compatible (Certification in process)
  • Disk spin-down
  • Power-on schedule
  • Wake-On-LAN (WOL)
  • USB HDD and flash drive support
  • UPS monitoring and auto shutdown
  • Performance options
  • Device status
  • Email alerts and event logs
  • Optional SSH shell access
  • Add-on expandability

Backup Features

  • Optional ReadyNAS Vault Cloud Backup
  • Integrated Backup Manager
  • Programmable backup button
  • Backup to/from CIFS, AFP, rSYNC, NFS
  • Backup to/from USB disks
  • Bundled Memeo Backup Premium for ReadyNAS backup software (with CDP and Versioning support - 1 Windows license)


  • User authentication
  • Windows ACL
  • Encrypted network logins
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
  • Microsoft Active Directory

In addition to the features above, ReadyNAS supports a wide array of add-ons. The current list of add-ons is below. Click here for add-on descriptions. Additional "community", i.e. not supported by NETGEAR, add-ons are available here.

  • Egnyte Cloud File Server
  • Enable Root SSH Access
  • Neural Networks Cloud Backup
  • ReadyNAS Photos II (pre-installed in 5.3.6)
  • ReadyNAS Replicate
  • ReadyNAS Surveillance
  • Skifta
  • SqueezeCenter
  • Symantec Backup Exec Remote Agent for Linux and UNIX Servers
  • ReadyNAS System Toolbox Add-ons
  • APT
  • CleaniTunesConfig
  • CleanSqueezeCenter DB
  • CleanTwonky
  • Clean USB Storage
  • EnableFanMinOverride
  • NoSMBDisconnect
  • ToggleCaseSensitivity
  • ToggleMasterBrowser

Finally, there is a menu option on the Duo v2 for Genie Apps. The first time you access this menu on the Duo v2, you are prompted to create an account on the NETGEAR Genie Marketplace. The Genie Marketplace provides a few more apps, some of which are free; others range in price from $0.99 to $4.99. I've included a screenshot showing just a few of the apps below.

Genie Marketplace Apps

Genie Marketplace Apps

One of the apps available on the Genie Marketplace is ReadyNAS Replicate, an app that enables creating a full backup and subsequent incremental backups from one ReadyNAS to another ReadyNAS, either locally or remotely. This app, reviewed here awhile back, is now free.


NETGEAR provides a simple utility called RAIDar for locating the ReadyNAS on your network. It also provides a launch point for accessing the web configuration gui.

As you can see below, the RAIDar utility has recognized my older Duo v1 as well as the Duo v2. Note, I gave both devices static IP addresses on my LAN, which makes it easier to consistently access and find them.



NETGEAR refers to the firmware on ReadyNAS devices as RAIDiator. The menus on the Duo v2 with RAIDiator 5.3.6 are completely revamped from the Duo v1 menus with RAIDiator 4.1.10. Below are two screen shots highlighting the differences. The first is from the original Duo showing a rather basic looking menu structure.

RAIDiator 4 main menu screen

RAIDiator 4 main menu screen

The next screenshot is the dashboard from the new Duo v2 displaying a more graphical and visually appealing interface.

RAIDiator 5 main menu screen

RAIDiator 5 main menu screen

As you can see, the newer interface in the Duo v2 is far more interesting to the eye than the v1's. Another addition to the Duo v2 is multi-language support. In addition to English, the Duo v2's menus can be displayed in Russian, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Swedish, and Portuguese.

I find reviewing the configuration options of a device provides a useful overview of what it can do. Below is a chart listing menus and options on the Duo v2. More configuration options are available within each of the Duo v2's option tabs.

Menus and submenus

Menus and submenus

NETGEAR has software and hardware manuals for the Duo v2 available online and quickly accessible by clicking the question mark icon on the top right of the gui. I found the Duo v2 manuals relatively easy to follow. For example, I was a bit lost on how to configure RAID options, but the manual’s section on how to change from X-RAID2 to Flex-RAID set me straight.

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