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ADM 2.1.1.R3B2 firmware was loaded onto an AS-304T for testing, using the recently introduced Revision 5 NAS test process. Since the AS-302T uses the same processor, RAM and Ethernet components, all testing was done on the AS-304T. The AS-304T tests used four drives configured in single RAID 0, 5 and 10 volumes. The AS-302T tests used two drives in single RAID 0 and 1 volumes.

The AS-304T's Benchmark Summary below shows Windows File Copy writes in a tight range of 80 to 86 MB/s and reads spread a bit wider from 86 to 103 MB/s, depending on RAID type. NASPT File Copy writes were in all in the 90 MB/s range with NASPT reads running lower in the 80's for RAID 0 and 5 and much lower for RAID 10 at 72 MB/s.

ASUSTOR AS-304T Benchmark Summary

ASUSTOR AS-304T Benchmark Summary

With two drives configured in RAID 0 and 1 to simulate an AS-302T, performance was generally in the same 80 to high 90 MB/s range, with an outlier of 73 MB/s for NASPT RAID 0 read.

ASUSTOR AS-302T Benchmark Summary

ASUSTOR AS-302T Benchmark Summary

Attached and network (rsync) backup was essentially the same whether two or four drives were used. Best attached backup was 48 MB/s for a USB 3.0 connected, NTFS formatted drive. Rsync backup was pretty zippy at around 55 MB/s, which is the second fastest we've seen to date.

iSCSI reads for both RAID 1 and 5 volumes were around 94 MB/s, while only RAID 1 write clocked in with similar performance. RAID 5 write measured 85 MB/s.

Comparative Performance - Four Bay

Filtering the NAS Ranker for four drives and sorting by ascending price, we find seven products less expensive than the $478 AS-304T, but none with a higher rank (lower numerically) than its #28 rank. As might be expected, the next closest in rank is the AS-204TE at #32 and $50 cheaper.

NAS Ranker -  4 bay NASes

NAS Ranker - 4 bay NASes

Comparing the Ranker Performance Summaries for the two products, there are multiple stregths for the 304T including generally higher write performance, better throughput for multiple video streams and higher iSCSI performance. Unless you're really pressed for cash, spending the extra $50 for the AS-304T is probably a good deal.

Ranker Performance Summary comparison of the ASUSTOR AS-604T, the AS-204TE and the Thecus N44560

Ranker Performance Summary comparison - four bay

If we add a dual-core Atom filter to the view, we find four products with better ranking than the AS-304T, including the top-ranked AS-604T in this class. But all are significantly more expensive, with the lowest being QNAP's TS-469L at $569.

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