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Ranker Performance Summary
Linksys LAPC1750PRO
AC1750 Pro Dual-Band Access Point
Test Notes:
Firmware tested: 1.0.4 build 03
Test client: NETGEAR R7000 in client bridge mode ( firmware)
# 2 for Total Wireless (29.2)
# 2 for 2.4 GHz Avg. Throughput (2.0)
#2 for 2.4 GHz Downlink Throughput Avg. [67.725 Mbps]
#2 for 2.4 GHz Uplink Throughput Avg. [60.3 Mbps]
# 2 for 2.4 GHz Max. Throughput (1.5)
#1 for 2.4 GHz Max. Downlink Throughput [113 Mbps]
#2 for 2.4 GHz Max. Uplink Throughput [106.9 Mbps]
# 1 for 2.4 GHz Range (1.0)
#1 for 2.4 GHz Downlink Range [0 Mbps]
#1 for 2.4 GHz Uplink Range [0 Mbps]
# 2 for 5 GHz Avg. Throughput (2.0)
#2 for 5 GHz Avg. Downlink Throughput [142.575 Mbps]
#2 for 5 GHz Avg. Uplink Throughput [139.125 Mbps]
# 1 for 5 GHz Max. Throughput (1.0)
#1 for 5 GHz Max. Downlink Throughput [409.4 Mbps]
#1 for 5 GHz Uplink Throughput Max. [390.6 Mbps]
# 2 for 5 GHz Range (2.0)
#2 for 5 GHz Downlink Range [0 Mbps]
#2 for 5 GHz Uplink Range [0 Mbps]

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