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For the night shot we'll compare the TV-IP551WI to two other cameras which also have 4 IR LEDs, the D-Link DCS-942L and TRENDnet TV-IP572PI. Just to show the room really lit up we'll also include the Zyxel IPC- 4605N night image, which uses 12 IR LEDS. TRENDnet's specs say both cameras should be good up to 7.5 meters (24.6 feet).

Figure 9 is the TRENDnet TV-IP551WI night image with 4 IR LEDs

Night image from the TRENDnet TV-IP551WI
Figure 9: Night image from the TRENDnet TV-IP551WI with 4 IR LEDs

Figure 10 is the TRENDnet TV-IP572PI night image with 4 IR LEDs.

Night image from the TRENDnet TV-IP572PI with 4 IR LEDs
Figure 10: Night image from the TRENDnet TV-IP572PI with 4 IR LEDs

Figure 11 is the D-Link DCS-942L night image with a comparable 4 IR LEDs.

D-Link DCS-942L night mode image from DCS-942L review
Figure 11: D-Link DCS-942L night mode image from DCS-942L review

Figure 12 is the Zyxel IPC-4605N night image with 12 IR LEDs.

Zyxel IPC-4605N night vision image
Figure 12: Zyxel IPC-4605N night vision image

As stated before, the D-Link and Zyxel reviews were done before putting in the new 5 foot markers. However, we can pick out items in the picture which are consistent between all pictures, such as the wall mirror at the door to the furnace room (which is right at 24 feet). In the TV-IP551WI image, the mirror has a sharp edge, whereas it is fuzzy in the D-Link DCS-942L image. Penetration past 20 feet into the furnace room is defintely evident in the TV-IP551WI image.

Overall the image of the TV-IP551WI looks just as clear as the TV-IP572PI. I feel it does look brighter than then TV-IP572PI and it's defintely brighter than the D-Link DCS-942L image. The Zyxel IPC-4605N by comparison, lights up the room, has nice sharp edges, and sees well back into the furnace room past 20 feet. The Zyxel IPC-4605N has 12 IR LEDs to the TV-IP572PI's 4. Visibility back into the furnace room beyond 20 feet looks just as good in the TV-IP551WI image as it does in the Zyxel IPC-4605N image.

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