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I mentioned cloud recording is done with an entirely different app and website. The app is Foscam Cloud and the website for browser viewing is I opened a support ticket with Foscam to get more information about this and found that is the cloud site Foscam China is working on, but hasn't fully completed yet. is the site developed by Foscam's US arm (

Incidentally, the technology at works a bit better than, in some ways. I didn't see the Flash player problem and things just seemed smoother. However, setting the camera up at required port forwarding on my router and entering of camera username and passwords, something not required for the Foscam app or

So for cloud recording and viewing, the C1 falls far short of Nest Cam, which does not require any port forwarding for cloud recording and viewing. This could limit the C1's appeal to mainly tinkerers and IT people, at least until comes online. However, as we'll see in a bit, includes some cool features that we haven't seen in most cloud recording apps. The image below shows the Foscam Cloud camera setup screen with the required port forwarding.

Foscam app screens

Foscam app screens

Foscam Cloud presently has four different pricing plans shown below: Free; Basic; Standard; and Premium. The timeframe for stored videos, regardless of filesize or number, is sort of interesting, although it's not entirely different from Nest Cam's 10-day and 30-day subscription plans, which you'll find here.

Foscam C1 pricing plans

Foscam C1 pricing plans

For comparison, 10-days of video with one Nest Cam costs $10, but 10 days for 10 Nest Cams runs $55. A month of video for one Nest Cam is $30, but each additional Nest Cam on the 30-day plan costs $15. In this case, Foscam Cloud is a better value, but it's comparing apples to oranges. Nest Cam records constantly vs. triggered recording only in Foscam Cloud, and Nest Cam's interface is infinitely more polished than Foscam Cloud.

Foscam Cloud has very configurable motion detection settings, including the ability to set motion detection areas. This is helpful if you want to say, prevent motion visible via an exterior window from triggering recording. Nest Cam has this as well with its "Activity Zones" feature.

I found Foscam Cloud's motion detection to be spot on, always capturing motion whenever it happened. Sensitivity could also be adjusted High to Average to Low in order to capture more or less. Capture modes include video or images. The motion detection screen in Foscam Cloud is shown below.

Foscam Cloud's motion detection area settings

Foscam Cloud's motion detection area settings

The timeline view in Foscam Cloud is very simple and streamlined, with blue lines indicating when video clips were recorded. Options for each clip are simply delete and download. Downloading is only available with paid plans.

Foscam Cloud timeline

Foscam Cloud timeline

Foscam Cloud also has its own app. Once cameras are configured at they are automatically available via the Foscam Cloud app. Most configuration changes that can be made at can also be made within the Foscam Cloud app, with the exception of setting motion detection zones. Note however, setting changes at, and within the Foscam Cloud app, do not make direct changes to the camera as the and Foscam app do.

Below I've compiled a few screenshots of the camera, recordings, live view and settings screen of the Foscam Cloud app.

Foscam Cloud app screens

Foscam Cloud app screens

The final key piece of the Foscam C1 is that, regardless of the cloud options, it can be set up as a standalone camera or added to existing surveillance systems. This is one area that sets it apart from Nest Cam. Nest Cam isn't meant to be standalone or added to existing systems.

The C1's GUI is very feature-rich, including things like IP filtering, save to FTP, save to SD card, motion detection scheduling and configurable zones. I've included a picture of the camera's GUI motion detection zone configuration below and linked a gallery to the rest of some of the key configuration screens available on the camera itself.

Motion Detection areas in the camera GUI when used standalone or with

Motion Detection areas in the camera GUI when used standalone or with
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