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Ranker Performance Summary
eero B010001
Home Wi-Fi System (Gen 2)


Test Notes:
Revision 1 Wi-Fi System process using 3.2.0-658 firmware

# 6 for Total Rank (61.0)
# 2 for 2.4 GHz RvR (1.5)
#1 for 2.4 GHz RvR Downlink [175.252 Mbps]
#2 for 2.4 GHz RvR Uplink [135.77 Mbps]
# 6 for 5 GHz RvR (4.5)
#4 for 5 GHz RvR Downlink [223.468 Mbps]
#5 for 5GHz RvR Uplink [181.048 Mbps]
# 5 for 2.4 GHz System (4.0)
#5 for 2.4 GHz System Downlink [180.5 Mbps]
#3 for 2.4 GHz System Uplink [209.7 Mbps]
# 5 for 5 GHz System (4.0)
#4 for 5 GHz System Downlink [274.367 Mbps]
#4 for 5 GHz System Uplink [332.5 Mbps]
# 6 for System Capacity (6.5)
#7 for System Capacity Downlink [246.85 Mbps]
#6 for System Capacity Uplink [401.1 Mbps]
# 7 for Backhaul (4.0)
#4 for Hop 1 Backhaul Down [290.8 Mbps]
#8 for Hop 1 Backhaul Up [192.9 Mbps]
#2 for Hop 2 Backhaul Down [203.3 Mbps]
#2 for Hop 2 Backhaul Up [187.1 Mbps]
# 1 for TCP Throughput (15.0)
#1 for WAN to LAN Throughput - TCP [940 Mbps]
#1 for LAN to WAN Throughput - TCP [920 Mbps]
# 3 for HTTP Score (105.0)
#3 for HTTP Score - WAN to LAN [45.525 %]
#3 for HTTP Score - LAN to WAN [48.725 %]
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