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Wi-Fi Router Charts

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Mesh System Charts

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Other Features

Other features that I haven't previously mentioned are:

  • SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) support - The ZyAIR supports SNMPv1 and v2, which allows a management application to access and monitor the ZyAIR through the network.

  • Dynamic DNS Support - This feature allows accessing services on your LAN using an Internet-friendly name (such as even though you have a dynamically changing IP address provided on loan from your phone or cable company.
    Although Figure 9 shows a drop-down box in the service provider field, DynDNS.ORG is the only option. DynDNS supports three DDNS types: dynamic, static, and custom. Before activating this feature, check out the information at

DDNS allows you to access your LAN using an Internet friendly name

Figure 9: DDNS allows you to access your LAN using an Internet friendly name
  • Multicast Support - IGMP multicast Versions 1 and 2 (see RFC 2236) is supported. Multicast support will not impact most users, but if you are planning on watching (or hosting) specific types of streaming media that use multicast, you will be pleased that the ZyAIR supports it.

  • IP Aliasing and IP Policy Routing - IP Alias allows you to partition a physical network into logical networks over the same Ethernet interface. The ZyAIR supports three logical LAN interfaces via its single physical Ethernet LAN interface with the ZyAIR itself as the gateway for each LAN network.
    IP Alias may be of interest to the corporate network administrator creating logical LANs and is beneficial for forcing traffic to pass through the ZyAIR to avoid the problems that arise with complex LAN architectures and asymmetric routing. The same class of prospective users will be happy to know that the ZyAIR also supports IP Policy Routing, which provides a mechanism to override the default routing behavior and alter packet forwarding based on the policies defined by the network administrator.

  • Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) - Using the standard TCP/IP protocol, the ZyAIR and other UPnP-enabled devices can dynamically join a network, obtain an IP address and convey its capabilities to other devices on the network. I'll have to take ZyAIR's word on this, because I don't have any other UPnP products on my network. Figure 10 shows that UPnP's security-compromising NAT Traversal capability can be separately enabled

    Tip TIP: See our UPnP NTK if you need more information on UPnP

The G-2000 supports UPnP
Figure 10: The G-2000 supports UPnP

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