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You can also configure guest access from the main menu. Guest access allows you to share your Internet connection with guests without having to compromise the security of your network.  Like parental control, it's easy to configure.  Figure 8 shows that you can either enable or disable guess access, change the guest access password, and specify how many users, up to 10, are allowed to use the guest network.

Simple parental controls

Figure 8: Guest access configuration

The guest network uses your network's name and appends "-guest". Figure 9 shows a partial listing of nearby networks including "TinyMoose" and "TinyMoose-guest".

The Valet automatically sets up a guest network

Figure 9: The Valet automatically sets up a guest network

The guest network is "open", i.e. unprotected by WEP, WPA or WPA2, but uses a browser-based captive portal.   So guests have to enter a password before being allowed to access your Internet connection. The guest network runs on a different IP subnet ( than the default network. 

Parents will especially appreciate the simple built-in parental controls (Figure 10).  Parental controls apply to computers not users, so you don't have to worry about having to log into some type of security menu.  You have somewhat limited control of time periods to allow Internet access for school nights, weekend night, or, you can block Internet access altogether. 

Simple parental controls

Figure 10: Simple parental controls

Working with unnamed security partners, Cisco also allows you to specify age-appropriate filtering for either a child or a teenager.  Additionally, you can block up to eight specific sites that might not be caught by the web filters. 

Using Cisco Connect, you can change controls for any registered computer from any other computer.  In Figure 10, I have already configured two computers, each with a different level of access.  Since Cisco Connect is installed on each computer, this option is protected by a separate parental control password , to prevent children from changing parental controls

The other two main menu options let you add additional devices to your network, or further configure your Valet.  Adding computers is done via a wizard.

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