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The DIR-505's feature set is surprisingly complete, supporting almost all of the features found in D-Link’s top-of-line routers.  Here’s a summary:


  • Static and Dynamic IP, PPPoE, PPTP and L2TP WAN connections
  • Enable/disable DNS relay
  • DHCP Server, range setting, lease time setting and local domain; Primary/Secondary DNS server settings
  • Mac address clone
  • Set MTU
  • DHCP Client list
  • DHCP reservation
  • Virtual Server entry for single ports with TCP, UDP or all protocols forwarded.  Enable/disable for each entry. Some common applications provided.
  • Port triggering – can set individual or range of incoming ports. Allows you to enable or disable TCP and UDP ports on network devices.
  •  DMZ Host
  • UPnP enable/disable
  • DDNS support for Dyndns ( – free or custom),dlinkddns (free)


  • Enable/disable SPI
  • Enable/disable anti-spoof checking
  • MAC address filtering
  • Enable/disable Remote Management on WAN (user defined port)
  • Enable/disable HTTPS server
  • Enable/disable graphical authentication
  • Website/domain filter
  • Change admin password
  • Auto timeout for admin login

Wireless features

  • WEP, WPA / WPA2 (PSK / RADIUS) support
  • AP, Router, Repeater and Wi-FI hotspot modes
  • Auto and manual channel set
  • SSID broadcast enable/disable
  • Enable/disable wireless
  • Schedule wireless access
  • Guest network with separate security credentials/modes
  • Wireless MAC address filtering (allow or deny based on MAC address)
  • Enable/disable Short GI
  • Enable/disable IGMP Snooping
  • Enable/disable WLAN partition
  • Wireless modes: mixed b/g/n (default), n-only; mixed n/g
  • Channel width 20MHz/40MHz
  • Transmit power adjust: 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%
  • Wireless network statistics, packets sent/received, TX/RX packets dropped, collisions, errors, active associated clients (showing rate/signal %)

In Use

I used the DIR-505 over the course of three days while working on this review.  I tested it in router mode, AP mode as well as in the Wi-Fi HotSpot mode.  Since the router and AP modes are most familiar, I’ll comment briefly on the Wi-Fi HotSpot mode. 

Normally, in either the router or AP mode, you would have a wired connection to either a modem, or to your local network.  If the only internet connection available is Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi HotSpot is the mode to select.  

To test this mode, I unplugged the device from my network and moved it into another room without a wired Ethernet connection.  I moved the hardware switch on the top of the unit to select Wi-Fi HotSpot.  When the DIR-505 rebooted, I reconnected to it, and ran the wireless setup wizard.  (Figure 5) Note that the landing page changed to reflect change of mode switch.

Wireless Connection Setup Wizard for Wi-Fi HotSpot mode

Figure 5: Wireless Connection Setup Wizard for Wi-Fi HotSpot mode

The wizard performs a site survey and presents you with a list of Wi-Fi networks in range. (Figure 6)  I selected my home network (Penguin), and when prompted, entered the WPA password.

Select Wi-Fi HotSpot site survey screen

Figure 6: Select Wi-Fi HotSpot site survey screen

Completing the wizard, I assigned a new name to the DIR-505, and configured a different WPA security key.  Figure 7 shows a summary of the Wi-Fi HotSpot configuration.

Wi-Fi HotSpot configuration summary

Figure 7: Wi-Fi HotSpot configuration summary

When the device rebooted, I connected to the newly named wireless network (DlinkHotSpot), walked over to the device and pressed the WPS button.  In about 30 seconds, my Windows 7 wireless client found the network and connected to it.  Needless to say, I’m a big fan of WPS!

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