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The User Manual covers the basics. So when I went looking for information on how to set up Quick VPN I found only the cryptic information below, which seems to indicate that Quick VPN is helpful only for connecting via an iOS device. Querying the Support database for "Quick VPN" turned up nothing either. And, D-Link, you do know that Cisco also has a "QuickVPN"?

Updated 8/29/14

D-Link said they are adding context-sensitive online help in an upcoming firmware release

D-Link DIR-880L Quick VPN user manual page

D-Link DIR-880L Quick VPN user manual page

Remote admin depends mainly on the still-not-ready-for-prime-time mydlink portal. I've bitched about mydlink's lameness enough, so won't bore you here. But note that HTTPS admin is not supported and there are no remote admin controls.

D-Link DIR-880L Quick VPN user manual page

D-Link DIR-880L Quick VPN user manual page

Table 2 summarizes the basic wireless setting modes and channels supported. Note no support for WPA-Enterprise (RADIUS); no biggie for consumers.

Setting 2.4 GHz 5 GHz
Channel Auto [default]
1 - 11
Auto [default]
36, 40, 44, 48
149, 153, 157, 161, 165
Channel Width 20 MHz
Auto 20/40 MHz [default]
Auto 20/40 MHz
20/40/80 MHz (Auto) [default]
Network Mode 802.11n only
Mixed 802.11g/n
Mixed 802.11b/g/n [Default]
802.11a only
802.11n only
Mixed 802.11a/n
802.11ac only
Mixed 802.11n/ac
Mixed 802.11a/n/as [default]
Security Modes None
WPA/WPA2 Personal
Table 2: Wireless settings summary

There is no WPS admin screen. So if WPS goes awry, or you want to disable it, you're out of luck. No advanced wireless features either. At least you get transmit power adjustment of High (default), Medium and Low, scheduled wireless on/off, radio disables and one guest network for both radios.

Updated 8/29/14

A big missing feature, however, is lack of a wireless bridge mode or support for WDS bridging/repeating. WDS bridging / repeating isn't supported. But you can switch the router to act as a wireless bridge using the Device Mode switch on the Internet settings page. Unlike NETGEAR's R7000, the 880L's bridge mode has a network scan function making it much easier to connect the bridge to your main router.

D-Link DIR-880L Wireless Bridge mode scan

D-Link DIR-880L Wireless Bridge mode scan

There is no online emulator, so I've included a few more admin GUI screenshots and commentary in the gallery below.

Storage Performance

Windows filecopy tests were run using the standard NAS testbed connected to a router Gigabit LAN port and the standard USB drive formatted in FAT32 and NTFS [NAS test details]. Tests were run connected with the USB drive connected to both the USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports.

Table 3 summarizes USB 2.0 performance and includes some of the 880L's AC1900 competitors. USB 2.0 doesn't really test the limits of storage performance, so the 880L holds its own in this comparison.

  D-Link DIR-880L Linksys WRT1900AC NETGEAR R7000 ASUS RT-AC68U
Processor Broadcom BCM4708A Marvell MV78230 Broadcom BCM4709A Broadcom BCM4708A
FAT32 Write (MBytes/s) 21.3 28.7 24.8 11.8
FAT32 Read (MBytes/s) 24.7 31.0 27.8 24.0
NTFS Write (MBytes/s) 21.4 30.1 27.9 23.7
NTFS Read (MBytes/s) 25.0 30.8 27.9 24.2
Table 3: File copy throughput - USB 2.0 (MBytes/sec)

For USB 3.0 results, Table 4 shows the results of using Broadcom's older processor, with performance lagging behind the most comparable NETGEAR R7000 Nighthawk. It's not really a fair fight with the ASUS RT-AC68U, which can't work around its poor hardware implementation of its USB 3.0 port.

  D-Link DIR-880L Linksys WRT1900AC NETGEAR R7000 ASUS RT-AC68U
Processor Broadcom BCM4708A Marvell MV78230 Broadcom BCM4709A Broadcom BCM4708A
FAT32 Write (MBytes/s) 21.5 61.1 33.4 11.7*
FAT32 Read (MBytes/s) 43.5 76.5 57.4 21.6*
NTFS Write (MBytes/s) 28.5 66.7 36.8 23.6*
NTFS Read (MBytes/s) 43.8 75.1 57.7 24.3*
Table 4: File copy throughput - USB 3.0 (MBytes/sec)
* = "Reducing USB 3.0 interference" setting enabled

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