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The R8000P supports most of the same NETGEAR genie feature set supported by the R8000.

NETGEAR R8000P Home page

NETGEAR R8000P Home page

Here's a rundown of the R8000 / Genie feature, set copied from that review.

Routing / Firewall

  • Static and Dynamic IP, PPPoE and PPTP, L2TP and Bridge WAN connections (IPv4)
  • IPv6 WAN : 6to4 tunnel, Passthrough, Fixed, DHCP, PPPoE, Auto Detect, Auto Config
  • MTU Adjust on all connection types
  • Secure / Open NAS select
  • Application Layer Gateway (ALG) enable/disable for SIP
  • IGMP Proxy (default disabled)
  • WAN Port ping response control (default disable)
  • Port Scan / DoS Protection (default enabled)
  • WAN MAC address clone
  • WAN IP release / renew
  • DHCP Server with MAC reservation
  • NAT enable / disable
  • RIP 1, 2B, 2M in and out
  • Static Routes
  • Single & port range forwarding with separate source and destination ports
  • Triggered port range forwarding.
  • DMZ Host
  • UPnP enable/disable with portmap table
  • DDNS support for Dyndns (, NETGEAR,
  • OpenVPN support


  • Attached devices (wired, 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz Radio 1, 5 GHz Radio 2)
  • Internet Traffic Meter with volume and connection time controls, counter reset and limit warning
  • Router reboot
  • Configuration backup / restore
  • Previous firmware restore
  • LED control (in addition to hardware on/off switch)
  • Emailed block site access alert and scheduled logs
  • Browser logging with clear and email controls


  • WMM enable/disable only

Access / Parental Control

  • OpenDNS Live Parental controls
  • MAC based access control
  • Schedulable domain / keyword blocking
  • Service blocking for single and port range to single or IP range

USB features

  • ReadyShare Vault SMB storage sharing
  • Network USB Print server
  • Media server with iTunes and TiVo support
  • FTP server
  • Share access control by user
  • HTTPs remote storage access
  • Approved device list

There are, however some differences between the original using V1.0.3.54_1.1.37 firmware and the P using V1.1.3.2_1.1.74.

HTTPS management is now supported in both routers, but for remote access only. If you hit the LAN-side address or even the alternate using HTTPS and appending port 8443, you won't connect.

NETGEAR R8000P remote management

NETGEAR R8000P remote management

Dynamic QoS is now supported for the R8000, but not for the P.



Smart Connect support for both original and P remains the same. The only Smart Connect control you get is an on/off switch. Check the box and the only thing you can adjust on the 5GHz-2 radio is the primary channel. Everything else is copied from the 5GHz-1 radio settings.

Update 10/19/17

The R8000's Smart Connect feature worked only to steer devices between the two 5 GHz radios. The R8000P's implementation now steers devices among all three radios. When Smart Connect is enabled, there is a single SSID for all three radios. No controls are provided to tune Smart Connect behavior.

Basic Wireless Settings for Smart Connect

Basic Wireless Settings for Smart Connect

The R8000's Advanced Wireless settings are still limited to what you see below. The lone advanced control is the implicit Beamforming enable. Standard 802.11ac "explicit" beamforming is enabled by default and can't be disabled.

R8000 Advanced Wireless settings

R8000 Advanced Wireless settings

The R8000P's base advanced wireless features are the same as the 8000's. But scroll down and you see Airtime Fairness, MU-MIMO and wireless bridge mode settings. The Wireless Settings part of the composite screenshot below opens when you click the setup bridge mode wireless settings button. You can enable bridging on 2.4 and 5 GHz bands separately, but there is only one 5 GHz setting.

R8000P Advanced Wireless settings - more

R8000P Advanced Wireless settings - more

Both routers also have separate pages to enable AP mode operation.

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