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Installing m0n0wall to the net4501

The only challenge to installing m0n0wall to the net4501 is getting the software image onto the CF card. The uncompressed m0n0wall image requires a minimum of 5-6MB of space.

The latest m0n0wall images for all supported platforms are always available from the 'downloads' section of the m0n0wall site at The 'downloads' section gives you a list of all the available download mirrors, normally you will get the fastest download from the closest geographical mirror.

Once you have the software, the method of getting the images onto the CF card depends on what operating system you have access to.

Installation of the CF Image using MS Windows NT/2000/XP

Under MS Windows NT/2000/XP, it is easiest to use physdiskwrite.exe, the Windows NT/2000/XP command line tool written by Manuel Kasper specifically for the job ( Be aware that you cannot use physdiskwrite.exe on PCs running MS Windows 9x or MS Windows Millennium.

The only other requirement is a CF card adaptor that Windows recognises as a Mass Storage Device. Most USB connected CF card adaptors are recognised as such. MS Windows XP shouldn't present any problems. If you are using MS Windows 2000 and the CF card isn't recognised, you may need to install Service Pack 3, which improved native support in the operating system for USB attached flash media. If you cannot use USB, IDE CF card adaptors are available. 

Here is the Step by step assuming your CF card adaptor is installed:

  1. Download the current net45xx m0n0wall image from your closest download mirror.
  2. Download the current version physdiskwrite.exe from the m0n0wall site, for ease of use save to the 'c:winnt' folder.Insert the CF card into the card adaptor.
  3. Open a command prompt (Start -> Run -> "cmd.exe").Type "physdiskwrite net45xx-yy.img" where yy is the version
  4. The status of all physical mass storage devices detected is displayed. Find the CF card, in this instance, it is easy to spot as device 1, device 0 is a 40GB Western Digital IDE Hard Disk.
  5. At the prompt "Which disk do you want to write? (0..x)" type the appropriate number, in this case 1, the CF card.The image is decompressed to the card taking about 20 seconds.

Writing the m0n0wall image to CF using physdiskwrite

Figure 5: Writing the m0n0wall image to CF using physdiskwrite

Don't expect to be able to open the CF card under Windows Explorer, as the image format is FreeBSD UFS. 

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