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Performance Tests - Noise

The noise tests run in Location E showed the DHP-701AV reacts quickly when a noise source is removed, but doesn't otherwise adapt. The light green bottom trace shows throughput with a noise source plugged in for the duration of the test run. There's basically no increase in throughput over the run, which indicates the adapter isn't working around the noise. If it had, we should expect to see throughput move up on the bottom trace.

The middle trace shows a quick response when the noise source is unplugged at the 30 second mark. Throughput quickly moves from the lower throughput (noise source plugged in) to run with the top trace (noise source removed for the entire run).

IxChariot up / downlink summary - TP-LINK TL-PA6010 pair

Location E noise test - downlink

Closing Thoughts

I didn't use the Powerline Ranker to sum up, because the DHP-701AV currently stands alone in its AV2 MIMO-1500 class. So let's look at the Powerline Charts' average down and uplink values for all AV2 MIMO products.

For downlink, TRENDnet's TPL-420E2K kit is the clear choice with 17% higher average throughput than the DHP-701AV. For uplink, however, the tables are turned with the D-Link averaging 18% higher throughput than the TRENDnet.

HomePlug AV2 MIMO adapter throughput comparison

HomePlug AV2 MIMO adapter throughput comparison

Keep in mind, however, the TRENDnet is currently in very limited supply (basically, remaining stock from the first manufacturing run) until TRENDnet solves a problem affecting medium and long distance performance.

In the end, the choice for best powerline adapter is tough right now. Like Wi-Fi products, you'll see highest throughput only with noise-free lines and adapters in the same or next room—not your typical conditions. The D-Link's biggest strength is that its throughput doesn't fall off as much in our mid-range Location C as other adapters tested. But what that translates into in your setup can only be determined by trying it.

If it were my money, I'd use the Location E worst-case downlink results shown below to choose. The best bangs for the buck look like the ZyXEL PLA5206KIT, PLA5405KIT and TP-LINK TL-PA6010KIT. They all produce over 100 Mbps of throughput and cost under $100 for a pair.

Location E downlink throughput - all adapters

Location E downlink throughput - all adapters

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