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Easy builds first

It's important to build our packages in the right order. The most basic package seems like zlib since it shouldn't have any external dependencies. In the zlib directory enter the following command:

./configure --prefix=$BASE

The prefix argument tells Autoconf where to place the result of the build. When executing the script, you should get a few lines of output and should see your arm-gcc compiler referenced. Now that it's properly configured, just do a simple:

make install

After a number of files are compiled and a library created, the resultant files are copied into our base directory. That was surprisingly simple. One package down, three more to go.

We'll tackle the gdbm package next. It should also have no external dependencies, but we'll have to tell it a little more about how we want the package configured. In the gdbm directory execute the following command:

./configure --host=arm-linux --prefix=$BASE

This Autoconf setup requires us to tell it which architecture we are building for and the host argument is used for that. Executing this command causes a much longer configuration listing than our last one, but it should finish up in a few seconds. Next do the build by issuing the command:

make install

This build is a little bit ugly. You should see a long compilation, followed by ldconfig complaining about the resultant shared library because it doesn't understand arm binaries. We're not concerned with this because we're obviously not going to be using the libraries on this box. You may also see an error regarding changing the ownership of gdbm.h. This error is also harmless to our build.

Now on to libid3tag. From the libid3tag directory:

./configure --host=arm-linux --prefix=$BASE

This generates a long listing, then as before:

make install

This build will complete as before with a harmless complaint from ldconfig. Our libraries are now complete. This has been all too easy right? Well now it will get just a little more difficult as we move on to mt-daapd .

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