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The Test

As I had with the Tungsten C, I installed VFSTP as an FTP client in order to test wireless throughput ( IXIA doesn't have a Qcheck / Chariot endpoint for the PalmOS). I quickly ran into a problem, however, when I found the Zire wouldn't allow VFSTP to show files in its PDA Files View.

But thanks to Google, which led me to Laurent Thaler's free LFtp client, I was finally able to upload files that I finagled onto the Zire via HotSync to the 3Com 3CDaemon Version 2.0 Revision 10 FTP server running on my PC. So I cobbled together a few scripts using LFtp's scripting feature and used it to run my wireless throughput testing.

I ran my throughput test using an upload of five files of mixed sizes, which I ran twice. I ended up discarding the results from two of the five transfers because they were too short to provide an accurate measurement, given that the timings that I used from the 3CDaemon's log had only 1 second resolution. I then took an average of all six of the remaining timings to get an average speed of 259kbps. This is actually slower than the 320kbps that I got in my original testing.

When I communicated these results to SanDisk and Sychip, they didn't refute the results, but explained that the low speed is due to an SDIO driver limitation of reading only 2 Bytes at a time. They also pointed out that the Zire 71's Texas Instruments OMAP CPU is only running at 130MHz.

I didn't perform range testing, since I expected it to be the same as my original testing, given that the RF characteristics of the card haven't changed. I did try to connect via both 64 and 128 bit WEP to the OvisLink WMU-9000VPN wireless router (using a Conexant PRISM-based 11g radio) that had worked fine when running the card unencrypted, but had no luck connecting in either WEP mode.

And, of course, the card chews through the Zire 71's battery pretty quick, running it down in about an hour or so of the pretty much constant wireless use I gave it during my speed testing.

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